General advice

Thank you for your support.  I don’t generally keep a blog as who reads them anyway?  If you want to know something give me a call.

Other great resources for general foot conditions:


NHS Podiatrist information – what do we do anyway?

Nail problems.  Look at the visual guide, it’s a fantastic resource!  Many of the pictures are fingernails, but the same problems can occur in the toenails.  I warn you though self diagnosis is a dangerous game!  If any any doubt, if you are in pain or the colour or shape of your nail/toe is changing at an alarming rate see a professional ( your GP, a podiatrist, your pharmacist).

Fungal nails

Corns and callous.

The dreaded plantar fasciitisOn a serious note, it seems as though all foot pain is given the diagnosis of plantar fasciitis.  The plantar fascia is one of many structures in the foot that can cause heel pain. 

If in doubt see a professional for an assessment and diagnosis. Knowledge is power my friends, and a good solid knowledge of what is causing pain in your feet gives you the power to fix it!

And finally, but by no means least this wonderful gem from Ayrshire and Arran NHS team – Musculoskeletal conditions or MSK for short.

Why I do what I do

People often ask me why? Why do I do what I do? Why would I work with peoples feet?!  Urgh! Feet!!

The answer is simple……because I love seeing the expression on people’s faces when they put their socks and shoes back on to discover that their feet feel good again!

It’s the same reason I provide KCR, to see the dull eyes of someone in pain fade away upon realising they can move easier than before!

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