Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)

Back twist mobilisation

As a fellow sufferer of chronic muscle pain and repetitive strain injuries I have an understanding of the physical and psychological effect these types of conditions can have on someone.  I searched in many different places for the answer to take away the pain and allow me to lead my life as normal.  I tried the physiotherapists exercises to strengthen the affected areas; I spent a lot of money on deep tissue massage; I tried shiatsu; and acupuncture with cupping. Finally, I found a therapy called Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)…

…Within the space of 2 days after my first treatment I found the pain in my wrist, shoulder and neck had completely gone.  It remained that way for 6 months before I needed to have another session.  Now I commit myself to having a session every 3 months as I find this is best for me to keep my body pain free.

KCR is a therapy that uses gentle mobilisations of various joints and muscles throughout the body.  It’s an effective method of treatment that allows the body to return to balance.  This then allows healing of tissues to occur and the reduction in pain levels.  This in conjunction with daily exercises help to keep the body in balance and working at its best.

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