Podiatry / Chiropody

One of the most common questions asked of me is ‘What’s the difference between a Chiropodist and a Podiatrist?’

The answer is: nowadays, there is no real difference.  Those calling themselves a chiropodist or podiatrist offer similar services, for ease I will continue with the term podiatrist.  Granted, different podiatrists have different preferences in the tasks they undertake.

My strongest areas are with general maintenance of feet (relieving pain from verruca, corns, callous, nails etc); and with minor surgical procedures involving the use of local anesthetics (such as nail surgery or verruca needling).

I undertake biomechanics or MSK (musculoskeletal) assessments  too.  Treatment packages are tailored to your needs and may include some or all of the following:  exercise and stretching to release/strengthen areas to relieve foot pain; taping to temporarily support structures; off the shelf orthotics with additions for your specific needs; custom made simple insoles; and depending upon what else is happening with your body I may provide KCR sessions to support your healing.

Depending upon the complexity of the foot problem I may refer you onto another podiatrist who I know has access to greater resources than myself (for instance, a lab to manufacture custom made orthotics).  Or  I may suggest surgical intervention by a podiatric surgeon or orthopedic surgeon.

Very simply, if you are in pain with your feet book yourself an appointment with your local podiatrist (or chiropodist).  In my humble opinion the name doesn’t matter, only the skill and the empowerment of the people we see to get them well again!